Black’s Horses and Ponies

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Our History

Black’s Horses and Ponies, Inc. has been in business over thirty years now! Traci Black (now Traci Black Billingsley) was six years old and walked her pony “Honey” (our “mascot” pony!) to Bradley’s Fun Day and offered rides for a quarter. She came home that day with her pockets full of quarters, and Black’s Horses and Ponies was born!


Photo of a PonyIn the past three decades, our little family business has come a long way! We now offer pony parties, summer riding camp, farm days, barn parties, carriage services and riding lessons. We truly strive to provide a fun, memorable time at each and every event we are involved in. All of our family members are involved in the business in some way, whether it’s weekend work, bookkeeping or creating ads. Even the youngest members of our family help by leading ponies or feeding the bunnies!

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Trammel & Dorothy Black
Traci Black Billingsley
Kayne, Tristain, Ona, Tram, Tyger, Timothy, Terry, Terry Lee, John, Reece, Tori